20, Married, Raver from Seattle, Modern day flower child,i live for the weekends, i love just about every style of Edm out there and if you know of any good artiest let me know:), I try to live my life by PLUR, and making kandi is a passion of mine :3 maybe we can party together sometime <3 *PLUR*
Anonymous asked: Now any DJ makes a song with a "sick" drop and they become legends, I'm so sad







hahha thats not true.

it’s very true.

then that means 1000000 artists from soundcloud would be legends. come on now -_-

Martin Garrix became legend with one song. He apparently has been around for years on Spinnin Records for a while but nobody heard of him. Then Animals came out and then it went gold and now he’s playing all over the world. They call him a fucking child prodigy and he even got called out of the crowd at American Idol. I’d say a “sick drop” definitely makes you a legend. Don’t be so naive. Don’t act like you don’t see that. Everyone is going big room cause it’s super popular now. Look at Tiesto, he’s not as big as he used to be so he switched on the big room and now he’s back. I wouldn’t expect you to see that outside your blinders. Look around and listen to more things. You don’t seem to see that what you see is there because it’s saturating the market, not because it’s actually good. Try finding stuff that isn’t the mainstream. Not because it’s better, but because it’s different. You’ll see so many people jump ship and just go big room because they can’t handle not seeing instant pay off. You shouldn’t even be talking man, you only play big room and trap. I wanna see something different out of this blog. 

Martin Garrix has been around dance music for about 3 years. So what one song made him “big?” This happens all the time. Look at avicii after levels, look at Afrojack after take over control, look at alesso after pressur or calling. I mean Martin Garrix’s chord progression/melody isn’t bad. He still manages to keeping himself on the top. Of course its saturated lol but give him little more respect. Tons of producers actually call Martin musical genius though. 




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